Stepping Into the Threshold


Retreat Participant

The next 30 hours were soul changing... I was with 4 strangers who found a common bond of nature, and we drank it in together.  


Individual Soul Retreat

Honor is currently available for one-on-one Soul Nature work. This can be a personal retreat of 1-4 days or ongoing on a seasonal basis. We will create a container specifically for the kind of life transition you are working with. We can work remotely if you are at a distance, or if you are in the southeast we can work together to find the right settings for your experience. Please contact Honor with your interest and questions! 


Our retreats engage the dreaming body, the earthy body and the space between us, opening the way for magic to arrive - for something as yet unimagined to light the way ahead. In the sacred container of a group of fellow soul travelers, in the embrace of Nature, we can begin to remember something true about ourselves from which daily life has distracted us.

Every retreat is different, and for each participant is a unique and powerful experience. We come without expectation, but with humble intentions to deeply engage the world in a way to embolden our personal commitment to living our deeper story into being. If we're lucky, we come away marked by the land, carrying gifts from our dreaming bodies.