It's a beautiful process that doesn't always go the way we imagine. Being present and feeling it all is one of the most powerful experiences we can have... Nature is always exactly how it is supposed to be. 

Kelly Donaldson, fellow traveler

Sharing the Journey

Both Honor and Kelly have cultivated uniquely nourishing relationships to Nature since their youth and as they moved around the globe later in life. Each has discovered their own medicine way in the wild, tending to their wounds and learning to navigate the reciprocal nature of the wilderness as it reflects  their human natures.  


Recognizing the kindredness of their callings when Kelly attended a retreat Honor created in 2017, they knew they would later collaborate, joining their respective gifts to create a sacred container in which others can safely and deeply navigate soul and healing in the natural world. The time has come and they are excited to share the journey with you. 

Fellow Travelers


Honor Woodard

Soul path walker, miner of dream gold, image maker, Honor has gone to the forest for guidance since she was a child. All of Honor's pursuits have been informed and enhanced by her evolving relationship to the forests and companionship with wild rivers in her watershed. In these places, she has honed her attentiveness to the elements, orienting her work to evolving consciousness and authentic remembering.


After years in the bodywork field, blending integrative bodywork and dynamic stillness, and taking people into Nature for soul engaging experiences, Honor is weaving the threads of her healing arts practice with her skills in dreamwork, soul work and ceremony, culminating in Soul Nature. 


Honor is excited to be able to provide a more accessible container for this kind of awakening and growth to a larger community. 


Kelly Donaldson

Kelly has experienced the forest as a natural and powerful healer in both his personal and professional life. He grew up exploring the deserts of Arizona, backpacking among the Pinyon Pines and Saguaro Cacti and learning to love the solitude of true wilderness. He has spent years working in wilderness therapy programs, sharing his knowledge and love for the natural world with others. He has a gift for gently guiding others in becoming vulnerable with Nature. 


Kelly now enjoys sharing this love of nature with his eight year old son. He and his family moved east to North Carolina looking toward leading nature retreats and spending more time cultivating relationship to the natural world.  


I love the magic that emerges when people bring humble and sincere intentions into the sacred container of a group and wild places. It allows us to receive the gifts of seeing ourselves more clearly - hearing our own voices in the spaciousness of a listening realm.

Honor Woodard, fellow traveler